Constant temperature/humidity rack


G.Rack allows safe operation of servers and computer equipment.

All necessary functions of the computer facilities (constant temperature/humidity, fire-extinguishing, and remote control) are combined in one rack to ensure affordable, easy, and simple operation of servers and computer equipment anytime, anywhere. It is an all-in-one management and maintenance solution for precious computing infrastructure, which is often neglected due to problems of budget, space, maintenance cost, and management.

  • Certification of cooling performance according to KS standard
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification
  • CE Certification
  • KOLAS Certification of highest grade IP6x fine dust protection
Functions of G.Rack

Constant Temperature, Constant Humidity, and Dust Protection essential for digital equipment management

Constant Temperature

  • Heat is generated by ope-rating digital equipment.
  • To minimize malfunction, it is required to keep the temperature of electric circuits remain in a constant temperature.

Constant Humidity

  • Excess humidity facilitates oxidation of metals.
  • Low humidity causes static elasticity and damages circuit elements.

Dust Protection

  • Static elasticity and sparks can cause a fire.
  • The accumulated dust in digital equipment lowers cooling efficiency and causes a temperature rise.

Rack-by-Rack Constant Temperature, Constant Humidity, and Dust Protection System
Temperature/humidity functions of sealed circulation duct methods

The server and communication equipment installed in G.Rack can remain in a setup temperature through the constant temperature and humidity effect by air circulation in the closed rack. Also, the perfect dust protection by the closed rack helps to protect server and communication equipment safely.

G.Rack system with low-power and high-efficiency 

Low-power high-efficiency

Conventional constant temperature & humidity digital equipment cools the whole indoor space to remove the generated heat of digital equipment, causing a large energy loss. G.Rack removes the generated heat of the digital equipment only in the rack so that it provides low-powered and high-efficient constant temperature and humidity.

Comparison of Power Consumption

An example of power consumption of six 2U servers(650W) / Heat of total servers: 3,900W

Constant Temperature & Humidity System
Constant temperature & humidity areaDigital equipment in the rackThe whole indoor space including digital equipment
Power consumption1.5kW(1 G.Rack)13.8kW(3R/T, Minimum capa)
One-year electric rateAround KRW 1 millionAround KRW 9 million
Cost saving by G.Rack useAround KRW 8 million per year

※ The electric rate is compared on the basis of the average load rate of 100% and 24 hours of operation (Korean criteria).

Alarm (SMS) Function
Text message (SMS)

This is an active alarm function. If something abnormal is found in G.Rack (internal temperature up or down), a text message(SMS) is sent to a manager's mobile phone. . 

Temperature & Humidity Control and Monitoring System

Temperature & Humidity Control and Monitoring System

With the use of PC, tablet pc, or mobile, it is possible to monitor the internal state of the rack.

Application Areas of G.Rack

G.Rack, the Rack-by-Rack constant temperature & humidity system, helps to solve the problem of insufficient space for digital room, manage the optimal temperature and humidity at a low cost without any additional construction, block dust flow in digital equipment, and provides stable system operation for public offices, national defense, transportation, financing, schools, and firms.

1. The places that have difficulty installing a constant temperature & humidity system and an air-conditioning system
Offices in high-rise buildings, office buildings, production processing offices in factory, financial institutions (branch offices of banks), etc.
2. Offices in high-rise buildings, office buildings, production processing offices in factory, financial institutions (branch offices of banks), etc.
Production processing offices, general offices, hospitals, schools, etc.
3. The places that need the measures against dust flow in digital equipment
Communication rooms in subway stations, digital rooms frequently accessed, production processing offices, hospitals, etc.
4. The places that need a constant temperature & humidity system without any permanent manager
Unmanned base stations, MCF or IDF rooms in buildings, etc.
5. The places that need energy saving 
Public offices, schools, and the factories for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, etc.
6. Places that operate a small-sized digital system
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